When walking on the London canals in the middle of a rain-soaked British Autumn day, the craving hit: potatoes cooked in the juice of a cow. Roast beef was calling.

For my perfect roasties, par boil for 5-10 minutes and stick in to the oven in a hot pan that already has sunflower or olive oil in. Shake those bad boys around and pour on any juice that the joint has already let go (pretty key to keep all of that juice if the meat has been resting for a while outside of the fridge).

After 20 minutes or so, put in the joint on top of the potatoes. Make sure you move the potatoes around so they are coated and well oiled. Keep them in until the joint is done and ensure you turn the joint half way. Wait until the potatoes are crispy and ensure you keep the little bits that fall off.

You can also put in veg to this, but I find putting them in to a separate pan with rosemary, oil and garlic is better (today I went for broccoli & carrots) and going in for 25 minutes.

With some steamed green beans on the go, I added the yorkshire puddings. I do not use measures for my yorkshires Р one egg, flour and water mixed until it just slides off of a plastic spoon. Pre-heat a pan in the oven with olive oil in the base of individual sections of the cupcake tin and then add the mixture to 3/4s of the way and no less. Pop in for 25 minutes and do not open the oven!

I prefer beef rare so around 40-50 minutes. With gravy, I go for thin version with the beef juices off of a glazed pan and a beef stock cube.

Et voila!

Roast ala me.